"To bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair." Isaiah 61:3

The Burckhard Family

The Burckhard Family

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

An Update & Some Firsts...

Can't believe we have been home six days now. (I have been trying to blog for over three days....LOL) Bella is adjusting beautifully! At first, I was concerned because she wouldn't eat anything, but Sunday morning she wolfed down a bowl of Cream of Wheat made with milk in under two minutes flat! (we have it on video!)

On Sunday she attended church for the first time. Our Trinity Church family was so excited to finally meet Bella. She marched right into the church as if she knew everyone and walked around exploring. Eeee (as Bella calls Elizabeth) offered to take her out during the sermon because she was a bit talkative. She LOVED the worship music and when Papa went up to welcome and give annoucements (his job each Sunday), she noticed him across the santuary and yelled and pointed "Papa, Papa, Papa". It was hard for Papa to stop the tears! Kevin shared that he is glad she finally knows her earthly Papa, but hopes and prays that some day she will also know her Papa in heaven!

We love it too that when she is done eating she will bring her dishes over to the counter and then push in her chair. Grandma and I stood watching it in amazement last night, especially when she pointed to the table--we finally figured out that she wanted to wash her spot. We hand her the dishcloth and she scrubbed away, even swiping the crumbs into her little hand! Gotta love some of the orphanage behavior!

Bath with Grace - each of them splashing the other!

Walking with Sam--with Pooh in a stroller:

First time shopping at Target:

First swimsuit and blow up pool.

First Grandma Florence Chocolate Chip Cookie:

First meeting with Jen, our babysitter (she brought presents including sunglasses!)

First Wii High School Musical game:

Playing with the Fisher Price play house:

First ice cream at Grandpa & my belated birthday party:

First day of Sophomore year for Elizabeth:

First day of sixth grade for Sam:

Life is good - not perfect - but very good! Praise God.... Love, Paula


  1. oh she is a doll!!
    glad that everything is moving smoothly!!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I love the one of you and Grace and Bella.:) I also love the one where Bella is holding the microphone! What a special moment for Bella to call out to her Papa (in the house of God).

  3. Beatiful! I got teary eyed when I read about her calling "papa" in church! I am so glad she is adjusting so well!

  4. I'm am so happy to hear how well Bella is adjusting. The pictures are all wonderful and she looks beautiful.

    I have to say I find myself looking at her groupa a lot and noticing that Bella is not leading them on her little bike. It makes me smile every time because I know that means she is home. The director said something the other day about Bella and America - I wish I could understand more of what he was saying ;)


  5. Lovely family! Bella looks like she has always been with you! :)

  6. So happy things are going well! It didn't take Grace long to introduce HSM!

  7. She is precious!!! She really does look like she has been with you forever and I LOVE her smile. What a gift! So glad she is eating now :).