"To bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair." Isaiah 61:3

The Burckhard Family

The Burckhard Family

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day Five....All About Nathan!

Today's post is all about our little man! Daddy and I would like to share some random thoughts, facts, & tidbits.....
His name is not going to be "Nathan" but his given Serbian name....To be announced at a later date..... :) We love it, though, and it fits him so well, especially the nickname. In Serbia they don't use middle names, so he will be "N..... Burckhard."

His attention span is pretty long, but his hair is long & pretty!

He is a consummate flirt! Loves to wave "Chow" and blow kisses to pretty young women. Example: Kevin took him into a store to get ONE bottle of Coke Zero and came out instead with two (2 liter) bottles of Pepsi Light because Nathan blew kisses at the "Pepsi Promotion Girl." Kevin later regretted this decision as he walked a mile back to the hotel carrying twice as much soda.

He sleeps between us at night--sleeps like a baby...a full contact, fighting, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) baby.He lands more kicks and punches during the night than most fighters do during a whole match.

In case you hadn't read in a previous post, Nathan is goo-goo for GaGa...Lady GaGa, that is! And now that we have watched one of her videos, he will be goo-goo for something Disney...maybe Demi Lovato? His first words out of his mouth every morning are "Ga Ga?" And then he giggles! He stands at our laptop and says "GaGa" over and over. And we say "Nay, Nay, Gaga!" "GaGa, it's me, Nathan. Can you score me some tickets the next time you are in North Dakota?"

He is very good at picking up his lego blocks. In two and 1/2 days he's picked them up 64 times! Unfortunately, he's dumped them on the floor 123 times! So we are getting good at picking up legos as well.... :)

He likes eating everything especially if it's chocolate or pretzels. He and Elizabeth are really going to hit it off because her favorite snack is chocolate-covered pretzels. Elizabeth, start stocking up now!!!!

Nathan is showing many of the natural gifts that will immediately identify him as a Burckhard child: How many three year olds do you know that can operate a digital camera, a video Flip camera, and a Blackberry cell phone....SIMULTANEOUSLY????? Note to Sam...If you think you have trouble finding your cell phone now, you better watch out! His foster sisters said that he would always take their cell phones and hide them....They would have to call their own number to find that the little boy beside them with the vibrating pants was the culprit!!!

Everywhere that Nathan is can be considered a remote location, because wherever he goes, there are lots of remotes.NOTE to Sam again: Take all the batteries out of the remotes. And, maybe a future gift idea for friends, relatives, and blog followers....don't throw away your old and unusable remotes....just send them to Nathan!

These facts are the "tooth, and nothing but the tooth!" We brushed his teeth for the first time, and he loved it...the toothpaste, that is!

On a more serious note, Kevin was reflecting yesterday that while he is not the only 47 year old man who tries to keep up with a three year old boy, the one thing THEY all have in common is the name "Grandpa!" Better take a multi-vitamin, Papa! If you look very closely, you can see a big blob to the right of Nathan. That's not any blob, that's his Grandpa, I mean, Daddy!....

It makes sense that we had to go the other side of the planet to get him, because we think he is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!


  1. I love him! He's totally out of this world! I'm so happy for your family :)

  2. Did you realize that you posted a photo of his bedroom that shows a name over the bed? I was wondering if that was his real name.

    He is adorable! I'm so happy for you all.

  3. He is so cute! I read the blog to all the girls and they were laughing. They love learning all about their new cousin! Thanks for sharing! We love hearing about N....! :-)

  4. he is awesome!!! love this post!!

  5. Congratulations! He is absolutely beautiful! Definitely fits right in with your clan:)

  6. Mom....you already revealed his real name a couple blogs ago!! I guess the jet lag is still going to your head.
    And I suppose i should stop setting my phone to silent, huh?
    Well we're off to see gnomeo & Juliet with Jen! See ya!

  7. I, too, wondered about the name on the shelf in his new bedroom! He's a doll, you guys, and I think he's perfect for your family!

  8. Ha Ha, you guys are so clever! Can't pull one over on you. The day I took it, I thought I should take it down. But then, I thought "Hmmm, I wonder who will notice?" You all are too good! Laughing here.....Pssst. don't tell anyone else who doesn't read these comments. It will be a secret among friends! ;)

  9. I didn't notice the name...I was too busy looking at how cute everything else was...haha. Joey sleeps just like you describe "N" to sleep...no fun at all. I actually had to go to the chiropractor 2 different times (well, about 3 times for each problem) due to sleeping in odd positions trying to protect my face from his hits n' kicks. Much cheaper making him sleep in his own bed ;)

    Oh, and Kevin...friends of ours just recently gave birth to a little baby girl and they are both 46 years old. Their baby before her is now 14 years old :)

  10. Enjoying reading your wonderful stories about Nathan or should I just say "N" for now...yes, I saw the picture also. Most of all, I am glad you all have figured out just who Lady GaGa is, and you are doing without her!!!! Can't wait to hear more...it makes me smile!!!


    Stephanie Lynch

  11. What a wonderful, fun post!! I'm so happy for you!!!

  12. What a fabulous post! He sounds wonderful and hysterical. He reminds me of Max with his remote controls and his love of cell phones. Max began making long calls to people in our phones so we all had to lock our phones with codes! He is just adorable and I know his brother and sisters are going to go "ga ga" over him! Kevin, my dad was 47 when I was born in 1970 and it kept him young (and working, LOL) for many years. You are only as old as your mind feels!!! Congrats friends!