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The Burckhard Family

The Burckhard Family

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day Three and Four, I Think.....

I think it is Day 3 & 4, but honestly, I don't know--it is one big blur! A good one, but a blur!

Nathan is a great little boy and not as active as we thought he would be. Over the last two days, we have had breakfast in the hotel (included) and then went to a shopping mall to go to a large play area.

We picked up a stroller and walked yesterday, but because it is raining today, we took a taxi.

In honor of Kevin's birthday, our wonderful facilitator Jasmina and very tender-hearted Social Worker Ivanka joined us for dinner at a excellent Serbian restaurant. Yum-O! Can you tell we are just loving the food?
Then we came back for cake and the ladies sang a Serbian birthday song for Kevin ("Srecan Rodendan") and he blew out a big candle the hotel scrounged up for the occasion.

We had a wonderful "Skype" session with the girls back home. Grace kept trying to play peek-a-boo with Nathan and he would blow kisses and say "Chow".

Well, after we looked on-line at an actual Lady Gaga video, we both declared "Nay, Gaga, for you, little man!!!!"
We showed him some high school musical videos on You Tube instead. When we told this to Grace (you know, it's her very favorite), she exclaimed "Awesome!" and gave us the thumbs up. Now Grace will have a very willing HS Musical Wii partner.

It's the end of the day...and my boys are tuckered.
So I best be saying, "laku noć!"


  1. Can I eat your son? He's edible right? He looks pretty edible!

  2. So cute. Looks like a great birthday celebration!!!

  3. Your trip seems to be amazing!! How long are you there? How old is Nathan? I apparently am losing track of the details! :) He's ADORABLE!!

    Happy birthday to Kevin :)

  4. What an awesome day(s)!!! :) He is so cute!! Happy Birthday TaTa!! (and Bella)

  5. I have been following your blog for a while now. Your trip so far looks amazing and your new son is too cute. I will be praying that the rest of your adoption journey goes smoothly.

  6. What another cutie to add to your family!

  7. Such a different process than a Ukrainian adoption! Want to share the typical process timeline there in Serbia?

  8. Wow!! How exciting!! I am LOVING your posts!! I am just thrilled for all of you and your 4 at home look like they are having lots of fun at home till you get back!! Woooo-Hoooo! Congratulations!! (((HUGS)))

  9. Yes, I could just eat him up too!

    We are scheduled to be here until March 2nd. Nathan is 3 years old.

    Wow, this is different than Ukraine! We committed to Nathan on Oct. 26 and will be home with him on March 3rd!!! The process for Ukraine took over 8 weeks with a trip home in between. We didn't get a court date until 5-6 weeks into the in-country process. But, we still loved it there!!! Please pm me if you have specific questions....would love to share!

    Thanks for your kind commnents....your encouraging words are so up-lifting to us! Love, Paula